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Arya Samaj (Sanskrit ārya samāja "Arya Society") is a Hindu reform movement founded by Swami Dayananda on 10 April 1875. There are more than 10 million followers of Arya Samaj worldwide. On the 24th of June, 1877, at Lahore, 28 original rules and regulations (drafted by Swami Dayanand) were proposed and agreed on 10 simplified Principles of the Arya Samaj, the first three principles are seen as comprising the doctrinal core of the Arya Samaj, as they summarize the member’s beliefs in regard to God, the nature of Divinity and the authority of the Vedas and the remaining seven principles reflect the reformative ambitions of the Samaj in regard to both the individual and society at large.

Principles of ARYA SAMAJ

Veds are the most ancient scriptures known to mankind. All Hindus follow Vaidic principles in essence but Arya Samaj stresses on the practical interpretation of Vaidic scriptures.

Principle One:

God is the primary cause of all true science and of all that can be known through it.

Principle Two:

God is Existent, Intelligent and Blissful. He is Formless, Almighty, Just, Merciful, Unborn, Infinite, Unchallengeable, Beginningless, Incomparable, the Support and Lord of all, Omniscient, Imperishable, Immortal, Fearless, Eternal, Holy and the Maker of the universe. To Him alone worship is due.

Principle Three:

The Vedas are scriptiors of true knowledge. It is the duty of all Aryas to read them, hear them being read and recite them to others.

Principle Four:

We should always be ready to accept the truth and give up untruth.

Principle Five:

All action should be performed in conformity with Dharma, that is, after due consideration of the right and wrong.

Principle Six:

The primary aim of the Arya Samaj is to do good for all, that is, promote physical, spiritual and social well-being.

Principle Seven:

We should treat all people with love, fairness and due regard for their merit.

Principle Eight:

We should aim at dispelling ignorance and promoting knowledge.

Principle Nine:

One should not only be content with one's own welfare, but should look for it in the welfare for others also.

Principle Ten:

One should regard oneself under restriction to follow altruistic rulings of the society, while all should be free in following the rules of individual welfare.

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