Available priests at the Om temple

Vedabrat Etwaru

Dr Balvir Acharya

Dr Balvir Acharya PHD, D Lit, Gurukul educated, recently retired from M D University Rohtak Haryana as Professor and Head of Dept. of Sanskrit. Author of many books and extremely well versed in Vedic values, its principles and practice and all Hindu scriptures and Hindu rituals and customs. Has given numerous discourses across the globe on innumerable Vedic topics. Available till 9/21/15 Cell number  347 279 0749. email balviracharya@gmail.com

Amarjit Shashtri

Amarjit Shashtri PHD, Gurukul Educated, extensive experience as a priest. Quite accomodative and humble. Will be available from 7/15/15 email amararya07@gmail.com

Dr. Ramesh Gupta

Ramesh Gupta MD, FACP, FACG, a practicing gastroenterologist, active in community. immediate past president of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha America, Arya Samaj of NJ, Om Temple, Certified Hindu Priest. Has been giving lectures on Vedic values and heritage and  Vedic Hindu Scriptures including Upanishads, Ramayan, and Gita.

Has performed various Hindu rituals, ceremonies including Upnayan Sanskar, Griha Pravesh, last rites, engagement, marriage etc. Cell 201 602 7576 email rameshamita@gmail.com